About Codalíe:

Codalíe is a design studio founded by artist Codi Shannon Fisher. The name was coined from a combination of her first name and her maiden last name "Doll". It also happens that the French term "Caudalie" refers to the unit to measure how long the flavors of a wine linger in the mouth; one caudalie is equivalent to a second. The word comes from the latin word caude, meaning tail. The aromas lingering in the mouth are like the tail of the wine, much like Codi's unique designs linger in your imagination after visiting her shop.

Codi is an Italian-American artist, illustrator, writer and designer. She was raised in Southern California, and now resides in Steamboat Springs, CO. She is a loving wife, a dog mom, a devoted cellist, and a working professional in the field of Marketing & Public Relations. 

Well versed in traditional art mediums as well as digital media, with a professional background in PR & Marketing, she loves helping creative entrepreneurs grow their businesses and bring their vision to life.

Her personal style is vibrant, modern, and fresh. Although she has a finely curated artistic style all her own, she is 100% capable of adapting to a brand’s aesthetics and standards.

As an artist who is truly and deeply happy to be alive, finding beauty and spreading joy through every aspect of life, Codi’s uplifting spirit and dedication to greatness shows both through her work and how she collaborates with every client who entrusts their vision into her hands.