About Codalíe Studio:

Welcome! I'm Codi, and Codalíe is my studio. The name Codalíe was coined from a combination of my first name and my maiden name "Doll"

I am a creative type and a wellness junkie. I was raised in Southern California, and now I now reside in a small rural area in Colorado with my husband. I spend most of my days working in healthcare sales & marketing, relaxing with my hubby, practicing yoga, cooking delicious healthy food, and caring for my needy pets. 

My Italian heritage is a great source of inspiration for me, and you can expect to see it come through in my content. If you enjoy Wellness, Style, Fashion, Home-Making, Mindfulness, Self-Care, Healthy Eating, Yoga, Art, Music and Creating…then I am so happy you found my page.

If you would like to partner up or just say hello, drop me a line below.

- C

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