Day Trip to Black Mountain

Fall is finally here and in small-town Craig, CO that means that you better start preparing for winter because fall is also almost OVER.

As such, my husband and I took our little pup up to Black Mountain for a day adventure filled with frolicking, dancing in the rain, and most importantly: gathering firewood.  Now before anyone gets mad at me, wood cutting involves driving around in the forest and looking for trees that are already dead and dried up to use, there is no cutting down of healthy/happy trees. Pinky-swear. Call it what you will, but it gets to be below 40 degrees here in the winter, so you need to employ some form or preparation or else you will freeze to death. 

Anyway, on to the fun details like how cute my boston terrier Cleo is and how 70's we look in our new portrait together. I love her so much that it's a little weird, and that dog hat was worth the $8 we spent on it. I am rocking a Free People Starsky & Hutch style sweater underneath some sweet Old Navy overalls. Overalls are the only kind of denim that I can actually enjoy wearing without getting unreasonable angry with how uncomfortable my nether-regions are. My Neopolitan Ice Cream beanie is by Coal. If you want to look as ridiculous as I do, I've supplied some shopping links below for your enjoyment, as well as your dog's. Cheers!