Channeling: Doris Day on a Picnic.

During the hot summer months, which unfortunately are very short here in Steamboat Springs, I love nothing more than dressing myself head to toe in light breezy fabrics in uplifting colors. And yes, before you say anything, we do not own a lawn mower yet at this tentative time in our lives. Excuse the tall tall grass, but I kind of like it! I know my dog loves charging through it like she’s in the jungle.

I love this blouse and skirt together for a myriad of reasons; first because I purchased both at a 40% off Sale on Sale at Anthropologie when I was a Visual Intern there which gives them a nostalgic quality for me. I used to love getting excited with the other Anthro girls every time we had an amazing sale and we all went home with little treasures for next to nothing. Secondly, the buttercup yellow blouse reminds me so much of Doris day in the movie Calamity Jane, you know the part where Katie cleans her up and switches out her dusty hat for a beautiful yellow dress and she makes Bill Hickok tea while sweeping the kitchen floor. I am a feminist through and through, but that scene always gets me!

Lastly, this outfit is a fav because of sheer comfort. The skirt feels like pajamas on the inside, I love a good silky lining. The basket is by Free People and my adorable sky-high clogs are by Swedish Hasbeens. That’s all for today girls, check you later!

– C