Mini Soul Sesh: Get to Know the Artist.

Hi guys, Codi here :)

I posted this little tidbit about me on my Instagram, but I decided to share with my blog friends as well. I love when artists and entrepreneurs share intimate details with their followers online, so these are just a few fun facts about me that have played a role in my funny little existence. If you have a similar experience to any of these, leave a comment! I love chatting with awesome bloggers like you.

  1. I am a middle child, and the only girl of my siblings. I grew up with two brothers, and I love them heaps.
  2. I was made fun of until high school for having a "boy" name. My family still calls me by my middle name (Shannon) since the day I came home in tears from the first grade.
  3. I used to write and record music and I often performed in local cafes in my hometown. I miss it.
  4. I played the cello in my university orchestra, and the ukulele for kindergarteners everyday while I was a school teacher. I miss that too.
  5. I have been with my husband, Brian, for almost five years, and married for almost two. We spent the roughly the first and fourth years of our relationship dealing with distance due to the nature of his work. We are the most opposite couple I know, but we love each other dearly.

Welp, that's all for today folks. Short and sweet, right?