Behind The Scenes: Rebranding My Multi-Faceted Business.

If you have been following my work for the last few months, I'm sure you noticed a couple brand changes on my site and social media...two name changes to be exact. I appreciate the understanding and also the help of my lovely friends and colleagues who helped me solidify my decision during this tentative process.

Since last year, my branding was similar to many graphic and web designers these days; my first and last name. It worked--for awhile. As a designer, your name is a safe bet, and it's an easy way to avoid the scary process that is rebranding. Your name is not going to change or ever become misaligned with your vision or your offering. It's professional, works great for resumes and portfolios, and it's easy enough for people to remember.

About three months ago, I had a revelation. I had this insatiable urge to open a store. I love helping businesses with brand styling, logo design, graphics, and web design, but I have this gut desire as an artist to create with my hands. There is something about pressing a brush to canvas that digital design just cannot compete with.

If you haven't noticed from the teasers on my site by now, I am opening a store soon. If I may say so myself, it is going to be glorious. All of the fashion and art of my dreams combined into one little shop. It will be opening this fall, so hang tight ladies!

Anyway, there I was with this website and company name that no longer felt like it fit with the new fashion store I will be opening soon. I knew I had to change it to something more versatile and appropriate for both a web designer and a couture designer boutique. Can you say branding challenge?? Those are basically two separate brands. But I didn't want them to be separate, I'm not ready for that kind of segmentation. I was able to come up with countless names that fit one of the elements of my business, but not the whole multi-faceted thing.

Finally, I decided to commit to designing a brand name that was unique and vague. I came up with my new name Codalíe, now available as on Instagram. It's a combination of my first name "Codi" and my maiden last name "Doll" with a bit of a French twist. You can read more about the meaning of the new name here. I have included my working brand board below with some of my design elements and inspiration:

The point I'm trying to make is that branding for multi-faceted business owners is a whole different animal than branding for a company with one clear mission. For these kind of business owners, the countless blogs on Pinterest about "how to come up with a name for your cupcake shop" and other very specific business entities are virtually useless. If you offer more than one specific service and you also dabble in multiple fields and genres, then you have to follow different guidelines. Your name has to be more vague, alluring, and versatile so as not to exclude any of your unique specialties.

Up next on my blog, I will detail a few key tips for developing a brand name for unique entrepreneurs like myself, so stay tuned! In the mean time, if you have a unique business like this, I would love to help you with your branding. I am just like you! I have a multi-faceted business and I needed a brand that did all my services justice.  I offer brand styling, graphic and web design. If you choose to enlist my help with your brand, you will receive a custom logo design, accompanying graphic elements or submarks, a font treatment, a custom color palette, and a mood board for your brand as well. Let's get started!