La La Listings is a search engine for online California classified ads that includes results from craigslist,eBay, Amazon, Etsy and more.

As one of my valued creative clients, La La Listings received a custom brand package complete with a logo set, a color theme, and a curated font treatment.

Visit or click through to their site below to see my work in action and shop CA classifieds:

"Codi was a pleasure to work with on the branding of my website Over the course of just a few weeks, she was able to concept multiple logos and present cohesive visual guidelines that I was able to quickly adapt to the overall WordPress layout. Codi never let her ego get in the way of feedback and was incredibly helpful at ideating new creative solutions. I’d happily work with her again and recommend her to anyone needing a fresh, modern look and feel!" - Jennie from La La Listings

logo design

Jennie already had her vision for the La La Listings log envisioned when we began our collaboration, and she was satisfied with the execution of her vision through my design.


color palette

Jennie wanted the color palette and font treatment for La La Listings to reflect minimal, modern, and fresh aesthetics while retaining that California vibe.

Color palette.jpg